Street Music Festivals

  • Target Areas  :  Menoufia  -  Cairo  -  Alexandria   -  Qalyubia

El Sadat Association, in cooperation with the American Development Foundation, held a series of four Street Music Festivals in celebration of the new found freedom of expression made possible by the 25th January Revolution. The street music festivals acted as community building exercises. Residents of the local communities had the opportunity to establish and rebuild community relationships that may have been tense in the wake of the 25th January Revolution.


 In addition to the entertainment and community element of the festivals, El Sadat Association invited local partner NGOs in each of the governorates to set up booths to raise awareness for the programs they are running in the local area.


This gave local communities access to the information they needed to more effectively participate in civil society. The Street Music Festivals were held in Cairo, Alexandria, Menufia, and Qalyubia between May and August 2011.