Empowering Women Local Council Candidates for Inclusive Local Governance

  • Target Areas  :  Menoufia

Empowering 90 women was the main goal of Finland funded project. It was operated  in the Nile Delta to empower women to run for local councils & to be pioneers of inclusion and strong local governance in their communities .The program focused on capacity building of women about local governance, soft skills development, project management, and participatory planning, budgeting & community service.

Achievements: Capacity Building training Sessions were implemented to target the 90 women. The workshops were conducted every month for a continuous of 5 months.  Discussed topics were about local governance includes: overview of the legal framework and role of parliament, ministries, and local executive officials. Soft skills and development (public speaking, facilitation & leadership), participatory planning, budgeting, &project management.

Community service: awareness sessions were held about the importance of volunteerism and community engagement, building the relations between participants& community members to stimulate participatory planning.