Community Support for Local Councils

  • Target Areas  :  Menoufia

Description: The project targets 16 local councils in the governorate of Menoufia (9 councils in Tala district and 7 councils district in Al-Shuhada). The project is developed and designed by ESA to build the capacity of local community players (members of elected Local Council, media, citizens)  to effectively engage in planning, implementing, and monitoring of community issues. This project targets local councils in El Menoufia Governorate. It aims to increase the participation of citizens especially youth in local governance, build a sustainable network through which community players' work together to address community issues and, increase citizens ‘access to the LC elections.

Achievements: 80 participatory workshops were implemented with local councils including 50 representatives from CSOs. Workshops' purpose was to raise awareness about the community participation and the role of LCs inside their community .5 trainings were conducted for 32 community leaders (coordinators) to build their capacities in community participation, advocacy, report writing, data collection, diversity. These trainings were co-attended by CSOs representatives, media, youth leaders and other stakeholders. 68 Media representatives & internet bloggers from official media outlets, independent parties, and social media have been trained on digital journalism, news editing, regional & international journalism.17 newsletters were created and published about the project and its activities and how citizens can actively participate.