Visiting Doctors Project

  • Target Areas  :  Menoufia

Sadat Association started a new project titled (Visiting Doctors Program) in order to reach a better healthy life for local communities by providing integrated free medical services (Examination, medicine, tests and analyzes, X rays, etc) as well as providing community health awareness and guidance to educate people on how to prevent diseases and follow healthy habits in order to improve the health level at the community in which they live.

These communities are suffering from several health problems including:

  • - Low level of awareness of the importance of early detection of diseases.
  • - Prevalence of bad health behaviors and wrong eating habits.
  • - The spread of some diseases that have never been before in our society such as cancer, kidney failure and others.

The results were as follows:

The level of health awareness among the general public in community has been elevated by:

  • - Raising the general level of health and early detection of patients who suffer from serious diseases.
  • - The poorest of the poor and marginalized have been targeted by providing free examination for all cases that are not able to pay the examination and treatment expenses.
  • - Drawing people 's attention to the importance of adhering to the correct dietary and social behaviors such as smoking and other harmful habits that have bad effects on the individuals, community, and environment.

- Raising the level of participation in social work among doctors or young volunteers.

- Directing young people’s energies to serve their communities, which is the basis of community development.