Promoting civil and political youth participation in Egypt

  • Target Areas  :  Qena   -  Beheira  -  Luxor  -   Menoufia  -  Gharbia

It is one of the projects of the Sadat Association, and it aims to encourage youth participation in civil and political life, which in turn enables them to support the democratic process at all levels, especially in the regions of Upper Egypt and the Delta, and to this end the project aims to empower young people through resource mobilization, development and Building civil and political capabilities and providing them with opportunities to unleash their potential, through activities to increase their level of participation and integration with members of their community, define their basic community needs and enhance their civic skills so that they can be positive participants in change.

The project also aims to support the participatory role of youth in the decision-making process to ensure inclusive local governance, enhance the role and increase the proportion of youth representation in local government, especially through the elected councils, and enhance communication channels between youth and state institutions. Which supports and encourages the process of youth participation in the civil field in Egypt.


Geographical scope and project category:

 The project targets (150) participants from the Egyptian youth category in Upper Egypt and the Nile Delta (Menoufia - Gharbia - Beheira - Qena - Luxor). For ages 18 to 35, including students and professionals. The project targets young people who have the desire to be able to monitor the problems and challenges of their societies and who are looking for opportunities to develop their skills and raise their political and civil awareness. Including youth actors from trade unions, student unions, civil society organizations, NGOs, teachers, and the unemployed.


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