Youth Voter Education Campaign

  • Target Areas  :  Aswan  -  Ismailia  -  Alexandria   -  Gharbia

A campaign that aims to raise civil and political awareness of the youth through introducing them to their civil and political rights, the political system of the state and its components, the official and non-official institutions of the State; with the purpose of building a generation of conscious youth who are able to participate actively in the political life.

Objectives:The campaign aims to encourage young people to participate in political life, and in particular active participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

 Target groups:The campaign targets youth from the age group 18-30 years in the following governorates (Alexandria, Ismailia, Gharbia, Aswan). 

Implementation Mechanisms:

Conducting 2 workshops for the university students and some political activists and lawyers and young journalists to explain the concept of the campaign and its goals and how to implement the mechanisms of the campaign.

Designing and implementing 3 short propaganda films (Ads) encouraging the youth to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Networking and partnership with NGOs in the targeted governorates, student unions and political activists to disseminate the objectives of the campaign.

Distributing posters on university students, in clubs, youth centers and business communities in the targeted governorates.

Campaign Timeline:

The expected duration for conducting this campaign is three months.