• Target Areas  :  All over Egypt

Introduction: Khatwa aims to strengthen youth involvement in civil society in Egypt through active citizenship education. The program aims to empower social change and tackle regional needs by providing capacity building for active young people.

The individual with its capacities is in the Centre of our approach. Through seminars, training with peer-to-peer facilitators, and project design and implementation, participants are motivated with tools and skills to be active citizens. Khatwa implemented in cooperation between El Sadat Association and Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg.

Vision: To contribute to a plural, transparent, social responsible, and participative civil society in Egypt.

Goals: To empower social change and tackle regional needs through active citizenship education, by providing capacity building for active young people

 Target Population: The program targets active youth from all over Egypt.

Language: All sessions will be offered in Arabic. Want to improve your English? For those who are interested, some sessions in the seminar will be available in either English or Arabic. Those who would like to attend English sessions must complete the application in English to demonstrate your level of proficiency (you will be given the choice to complete an English or Arabic application).

Cost: Accommodation, food & transportation will be covered for all participants during the seminars.

What does a Khatwa participant look like?

Khatwa participants represent different backgrounds, levels of education, and mind-sets. They come from all over Egypt. They are all connected through a desire and a drive to have a positive social impact in their communities.

What does a Khatwa participant look like?

  • You live in Egypt
  • You’re between the age of 18-28
  • You have some idea of how you’d like to make a social impact in your community during the three month “project implementation phase” – this is your project idea that you will realize with the support of Khatwa
  • You are available to make a commitment to attend all Khatwa activities as listed previously
  • You are ready to be an active participant in Khatwa

What benefits and resources will Khatwa participants have access to on completion of the program?

On completion of the program, participants become alumni. How can we describe Khatwa alumni?

  • They have implemented projects in their communities that have a BIG social impact
  • They are qualified in project management
  • They are leaders and volunteers in their communities, universities, and networks
  • They have access to the Khatwa network - including local and international training opportunities, connection to local NGOs or incubators to continue to support their projects or learning goals
  • They have the opportunity to join MitOst as a member, attend the MitOst festival and gain access to MitOst resources & networks